August Deadlines (and a little reflection)

Holy crap, it’s August!

Well, here are some upcoming deadlines for science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunk publications that pay either royalties or at least $.01/word. Don’t forget to check last month’s post for deadlines that might still be fresh!

Corrupts Absolutely – deadline extended to December 1

On Spec Magazine – August 31

As you can see, I haven’t had any time this month to research deadlines. I’ve been dealing with too much other stuff, from work and school and everything else. So maybe next month will be better…

Here’s a thing that I really like, by Ira Glass, that Wil Wheaton posted on his Google+.

Originally from here. I’m taking a lot of comfort from this. I feel like my work is at a crossroads–I’m not as good as I want to be, and I’ve reached a sort of plateau. I can either keep writing and hope to push through, or give up. My writing is just Okay.  Occasionally I churn out something that’s Good but never Spectacular. The trouble is, there’s no road map for getting from Okay to Spectacular. All you can do is keep working, and growing, and trying to improve. Easier said than done–improvement is such a nebulous thing. But hopefully I’ll get there. Just have to “keep plugging,” as my Dad says.

Onwards and upwards! See you at GenCon!

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