Published Work


EntomophobiaOmnium Gatherum Publishing, January 2022

Dead Girls Don’t Love: Collected Stories, Dragon’s Roost Press, May 2018

An Ideal Vessel, Dragon’s Roost Press, May 2018

Steampunk Universe, Alliteration Ink, January 2018

Fiends & Foes: Ready-Made Antagonists for V20Onyx Path, August 2017

Steampunk World, Alliteration Ink, August 2014; winner of the 2015 Steampunk Chronicle Readers Choice Award for Best Fiction

Sidekicks! Alliteration Ink, March 2013

Short Stories and Poetry

“A Legacy of Ghosts,” Never Too Old to Save the World, edited by Alana Abbott and Addie J. King, forthcoming in 2022

“ARTBOT,” Rogue Artists, edited by E.D.E. Bell, forthcoming in 2022

“Dylan,” On Wings of Steam, edited by Tracy Chowdhury, forthcoming in 2022

“Tiny Teeth,” In Trouble, edited by E.F. Schraeder, April 2022. Originally appeared in Pseudopod Episode 660, edited by Shawn Garrett and Alex Hofelich, August 2019

Various haikus, Haipoo: 7 Poosepectives in Pooetryedited by Anton Cancre, April 2022

“The Cold Earth,” Terrifying Ghosts Short Stories, Flame Tree Press, June 2021. Originally appeared in Familiar Spirits, September 2015

When The Stars Are Right,” Tales to Terrify Podcast, April 2021. Originally appeared in Eldritch Embraces: Putting the Love Back in Lovecraft, February 2016

“Chorus of Whispers,” Stitched Lips: An Anthology of Horror from Silenced Voicesedited by Ken McGregor, February 2021

Take the Fire from Her,” Love Letters to Poe, May 2021

“Following Girls Home,” Something Good to Eat, edited by Alexander Harrington, October 2020

“The Good Doctor,” Changing Breeds: Wild West Tales Anthology, October 2020

“The Moon in Her Eyes,” Burnt Fur, edited by Ken McGregor, April 2020

“Nana,” Monsters in Spaaaace!, edited by Michael Cieslack, November 2019

“Wings of Feather, Wings of Brass,” Mythical!, edited by John Helfers, June 2019; originally appeared in The Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls, October 2014

“The Rebel,” with Maurice Broaddus, Mechanical Animals: Tales at the Crux of Creatures and Techedited by Selena Chambers and Jason Heller, November 2018

“Charms,” Occult Detective Quarterly, Issue 4, edited by John Linwood Grant and Dave Brzeski, May 2018; Originally published in What Fates Impose, September 2013

“Iceheart,” Hidden Menagerie Volume 1edited by Michael Cieslack, April 2018; Originally published in Space!, June 2015

“Madre,” The Arcanist, March 2018

“Dead Girls Don’t Love,” Memento Mori, edited by Elaine Cunningham, January 2017; Originally published in Still Hungry For Your Love, November 2013

Sa fè lontan / Long Time, No See,” Killing it Softly: The Best By Women in Horror, Book 1, edited by Elaine Cunningham, October 2016; Originally published in That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do, January 2015

“The Light of Tomorrow,” Singular Irregularity: Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong, edited by Kimber Grey, July 2016

“The Smoking Nun,” EGM Shorts, edited by Jennifer Brozek, November 2015

“Shadows of the Darkest Jade,” Whispers From The Abyss, Vol. 2, edited by Kat Rocha, October 2015; Originally published in Historical Lovecraft: Tales of Terror Through Time, April 2011.

“Rest In Peace,” Science Fiction Short Stories, edited by Flame Tree Publishing, September 2015; Originally published in Bless Your Mechanical Heart, April 2014.

“Voice of the Revolution,” The Bard’s Tale: Stories & Recipes from the Black Dragon Inn, edited by Daniel Myers, September 2015

“Invincible,” Heroes!, edited by Kelly Swails, March 2015

“FawnGirl14,” Not Our Kind: Tales of (Not) Belonging, edited by Nayad A. Monroe, February 2015

“Saffron Skies,” Time Traveled Tales, Volume 2, edited by Jean Rabe, September 2014

“Among the Stars,” Time-Traveled Tales, Volume 1, edited by Jean Rabe, August 2013

“Ideal Vessels,” The Crimson Pact: Volume 4, edited by Paul Genesse, July 2012

“Alive in the Wolf’s Belly,” Little Red Riding Hood Issue, Enchanted Conversation, December 2011

“A More Ideal Vessel,” The Crimson Pact: Volume 2, edited by Paul Genesse, September 2011

“Frozen Souls,” Candle In the Attic Window, edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles, September 2011

“Midnight Laundry,” Summer Issue, The Red Penny Papers, June 2011

“An Ideal Vessel,” The Crimson Pact: Volume 1, edited by Paul Genesse, March 2011