July Deadlines!

Git yer horror, steampunk, science fiction & fantasy deadlines here!*

Machine of Death, Volume 2 – July 15, 2011

The Benevolent Apocalypse Anthology – August 31, 2011

Corrupts Absolutely? A Dark Metahuman Fiction Reader
– October 1, 2011

Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations – October 31, 2011

Trust & Treachery: Tales of Power, Intrigue, and Violence – December 15, 2011

Untied Shoelaces of the Mind – ongoing

The Journal of Unlikely Entomology – ongoing

Analog Magazine – ongoing (fiction and non-fiction)

Untreed Reads – ongoing (open to almost all genres, but especially interested in steampunk!)

ChiZine –  ongoing (Dark Fiction under 4,000 words only)

*These are by no means all the existing deadlines in these genres, just the ones that look promising to me. My criteria include markets that pay at least $.01/word and accept electronic submissions. Don’t forget to check last month’s post for deadlines that might still be open!

I’m particularly excited about the Journal of Unlikely Entomology. Who can resist the opportunity to write about bugs?

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