Well I’m technically at GenCon right now, but I thought that you might enjoy a post whilst I’m away. This blog is supposed to be dedicated to writing and costuming, but lately I haven’t had much time to devote to the costuming bit. So here’s a post dedicated just to steampunk. Hooray!

Some upcoming events in Ohio (and one in Indiana). Links are to facebook event pages, but many events also have listings on the Steampunk Empire:

GenCon Steampunk Meetup, August 6

Airship Archon sees 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, August 6

Steampunks Invade COSI For Adventure, August 21

The Second Annual Airship Archon Picnic, September 17

The Time Traveler’s Ball, September 24

The Third Annual Airship Archon RenFest Invasion, October 16

And here are a few photos of me and my friends at a recent invasion of the Santa Maria:

The Airship Archon group. We were posing with a lion statue in a fountain, but the lion got a bit lost!

Salena Van Eycke and I on the dock, about to board.

For more pictures of our adventures on the Santa Maria and at other events, you can visit my steampunk flickr set.

One thought on “Steampost

  1. I’ll have a detailed blog posting on this in the next couple days, but I’m one of the costumers for a play that my friend is directing. “The Ash Girl” (a dark retelling of Cinderella featuring embodiments of the seven deadly sins) will be performed in early November at Stuart’s Opera House located in Nelsonville, Ohio. Our concept for costuming is mostly Steampunk, with a couple other influences thrown in depending on the group of characters.
    Auditions are August 27th and 28th, and if people from around Columbus wish to attend auditions we’ll have some people meeting up and carpooling from Lancaster to not only the auditions, but practices once those start.

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