The Crimson Pact: Volume One…In PRINT!

Exciting news: the publisher of The Crimson Pact is now producing print copies of the book!

It’s a beautiful book and I’m excited to see my story in print. It’s great that we’re going to be tapping into the market of hardcore print-only book lovers. I am, however, only ordering a few copies to start off with–I’m having a hard enough time selling copies of Historical Lovecraft, of which I ordered numerous print copies. People just don’t seem to be excited about spending $15 on a book at a con when they can purchase it as an ebook for less–and take up less room in the luggage they have to drag home!

Luckily, however, even if I never sell a single print copy, I’ll still see some dollars because of Alliteration Ink’s incredibly generous profit-sharing, which divvies up 75% of the profits among the authors. This is far more generous than most publishers and means that I see a small dividend every quarter, regardless of whether I succeed at selling the print books!

If you know you’d like to buy the print copy, please let me know so I can make sure to order one for you! I’ll probably be getting the copies from the publisher at Gencon.

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