June Deadlines

I haven’t had much time to look for deadlines recently, so here are a few new ones, plus all the publications from previous entries that are still open. Think of it like a consolidation post for one-stop shopping! As always, I don’t endorse any publisher listed herein, as I’ve only worked with a few of them. If you have a bad experience with any of them, however, please let me know so I can stop promoting their publications.

New deadlines:

Columbus Creative Coop: Tales of the Unexpected – June 27

Stories in the Ether, Volume 1 –  ongoing (publication December 2011)

Shimmer Magazine – ongoing

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine – ongoing

Here There be Dragons Writing Contest – September 15

Dark Highlands: Fairy Tales, Fables, and Folklore, Volume 1 – September 30

Cobalt City: Dark Carnival – June 1 and July 1

Weird Tales Magazine – ongoing

Previously posted deadlines:

Steampunk Shakespeare – extended to June 30

The Crimson Pact: Volume 2 – June 6

Zombiality 2: We’re Undead, We Eat Flesh, Get Used To It! – June 30

Arcane Magazine – ongoing

Bete Noire Magazine – June 30

The Memory Eater Anthology – June 15

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – ongoing

One Buck Horror – ongoing

Weird War Anthology – July 31

Fantasy Magazine – open until filled

Unspeakable Horror 2: Abominations of Desire – June 30

Bigfoot Horror Anthology – Open until filled

Future Lovecraft Anthology – June 30

Spinetinglers Monthly Short Story Contest – Ongoing

Appalachian Undead Anthology – July 1

A word about these deadline posts:

I only publish paying short story markets here (and they must pay at least $.01/word unless it’s a contest). Yes, many of these markets can be found on Dark Markets or Duotrope Digest, but I try to eliminate much of the wheat from the chaff; these deadline posts are really just lists of markets to which I want to submit  my work –they’re meant to be an easy reference for me, conveniently posted where other authors can benefit from them! In other words, if your interests lie outside of the science fiction, horror, steampunk, and fantasy genres, or you are okay with being paid less than $.01/word, or you are looking for a place to publish your novel or poetry, then you should definitely do your own research. This list doesn’t include non-paying markets, poetry markets, novel markets, or non-genre markets. It’s also not exhaustive; I can’t guarantee I’m not missing perfectly good markets you might find if you do your own search!

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