Steampunk photo shoot

There’s a great locale for steampunk photos here in Columbus, The Depot Rail Museum. It features some really lovely restored trains, some of which are as much as 200 years old! About two weeks ago The Airship Archon had a photo shoot there; here are my favorite shots from the day’s festivities, used with permission from the photographers. Yes, most of them include me, because it seems weird to post very many photos of other people.

Photos by Cassadi at CThomasPhotography:

"Just hand over the purse, already!"

"Now I wonder where that cash box is hiding..."

"I make this bathtub look damn sexy!"

And these were taken by Earnest at Blackhawk Photography (who desperately needs to update his website…LOL):

"We claim this train in the name of The Airship Archon! We have a flag and everything!"

I have nothing clever to say, this is just a really excellent photo.

No words necessary.

Earnest still has some photos to process, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more from this photo shoot soonish!

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