Context 26 Flash Fiction Contest

Context 26 will be hosting another flash fiction contest, and I’m thrilled to be judging it again for the second year in a row! Hooray! Lest you be hesitant about reading your flash fiction publicly, keep in mind that you’ll be reading your work in front of a Bram Stoker award-winning author (Gary Braunbeck), a Clarion graduate who runs the most long-running genre writing group in Columbus (Jerry Robinette), an author and publisher who is always looking for new talent (Steve Saus), and an author and editor who published all three of last year’s winners in her first anthology (that would be me). So in addition to the official prizes offered, you never know what opportunities such a public presentation of your work could net you.

Always put yourself out there. You never know who could love your work!

I’m only involved in a single panel this year, on Sunday, “Anthologies Help How?” at 11:30 am in Griswold BC.

I’ll also be reading my fiction at 10:45 am on Sunday, but I don’t know what room I’m in, so you’ll have to check your schedule. Bring your brunch and let me regale you! I’ve got 45 whole minutes which is about 1.5 times what I usually have, so I can probably squeeze two entire stories into that slot.

There will also be a mass autograph session Saturday at 11:30 am in Griswold BC. I have no idea why anyone would want my autograph, but they say you should dress for the job you want, so I’ll probably be there.

This is one of my favorite conventions (up there with GenCon and Mo*Con) so I hope I’ll see you there.

7 thoughts on “Context 26 Flash Fiction Contest

  1. So I’m going to be in workshops during all your stuff — reading, mass signing, etc. =/ Anyway, maybe we can meet up sometime if only for a few minutes? I’d love to snag your autograph for my copy of Sidekicks! šŸ™‚

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