What Fates Impose is here!

In case you missed the Kickstarter, you can now purchase the anthology What Fates Impose by clicking here! I’m really super-proud of my involvement with this anthology for two reasons: one, this is one of only two professional-paying publications that has purchased a story from me (yay professional rates! Thank you Nayad, and all our Kickstarter backers!) and two, my story is about a transgender woman, and it’s the first story I’ve ever written with a transgender protagonist. My transgender friends constantly amaze me. Their courage is inspiring, and I wanted to write this story as sort of a gift to them, so it’s one of the rare tales of mine with a kind-of happy ending, by which I mean that not everyone dies or goes insane at the end. That doesn’t happen often. (It was really hard to write.) Consider it an early Christmahannukwanzakaa present, y’all!

If you’ll be at Context 26 this weekend, I will have four copies of the physical book for sale, which I will sign for you. I imagine a number of the other authors (many of whom will be present at the con) will happily do the same, if you’re into that. If you’re not into that, I’m sure we can think of other things to do to your book that are just as memorable.  Many of us are horror writers, after all. 😉

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