Life: A 100-Word Story

I haven’t been writing much flash fiction lately, because I’ve been so busy with other projects, but when I saw that Laurence Simon’s 100-Word Story Podcast was raising money for charity…well, we all know I’m a sucker for a cause. Writing a 1oo-word story was a fun challenge, too; I really had to edit my words like never before. And I raised something like $7 for Relay for Life!

To listen to the entire podcast, including me reading my story on a podcast for the very first time, you can click here.

– – –


by Sarah Hans

The guardbot prodded Tressa in the ribs. “Step into the transport, Prisoner 5386U.”

Wincing, Tressa obeyed. The transport pod’s door slid shut. Tressa’s heart pounded and her secured hands grew slick with sweat. She closed her eyes and thought of her “happy place,” the rolling hills of her childhood.

The pod landed with a thud. The door slid back and flooded the pod with bright sunlight. Tressa blinked until her eyes adjusted.

“Welcome to Penal Colony 56,” the guardbot droned.

Verdant fields spread before her. Women in jumpsuits like hers labored amidst the greenery, unfettered by chains.

Tressa smiled.

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