August Deadlines

I can’t believe it’s already August! Not as many deadlines this month, because I’ve been busy with the Clarion Write-a-Thon and school, and now I’m sick. So I definitely missed some, be sure to do your own searches!

Storyworlds Magazine Debut Issue – August 31

Deep Cuts  – August 31

Polluto: Wage Slave Orgy – August 31

Steam-Powered 3: Further Lesbian Steampunk Stories – September 1

Gears and Levers 2 – September 1

The Big In China Short Fiction Competition – September 15

Dead North – September 30

Crossed Genres: Boundaries – September 30

Atomic Age Cthulhu – October 1

Aliens: Recent Encounters (reprints only) – October 15

Insatiable Magazine – ongoing

These deadlines are, as always, Submitter Beware, because I can’t vouch for any of these publishers. This is basically just a place for me to deposit deadlines to which I would like to submit work, so all the markets are paying (usually at least $.01 a word, or royalties) and accept electronic submissions. They’re all genre markets of some kind (horror, science fiction, steampunk, fantasy).

Please be sure to check Duotrope Digest, Ralan, and Dark Markets for more publications looking for submissions. This list is by no means exhaustive. Oh, and don’t forget to check posts from previous months (they’re all categorized under “Upcoming Deadlines”) for publications that are still open.

If you’re an editor or publisher and you’d like me to feature your deadline here, you can email me at sarah.hans at gmail dot com with the details.

Happy Submitting!

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