Marcon 46 in review

You should go to the Doctor Fantastique’s website to read my review of Marcon 46!

Here are some photos of me at Marcon 46, since I’m not quite vain enough to pepper an article I wrote with photographs of myself.

As you can see my steampunk Buddhist nun cosplay really came together beautifully, thanks to my very talented seamstress/roommate/friend and an incredible corset-maker who was able to deliver on a cruelty-free steampunk corset. I was a little worried someone might be all butthurt and offended over it, since I’m a white person cosplaying as a Tibetan, but I actually got a really positive response that encouraged me to keep wearing it and perfecting it. It was also incredibly comfortable, and the corset pockets meant I didn’t need a purse (which my boyfriend usually ends up carrying, much to his chagrin), so all-in-all it was pretty much my favorite cosplay ever. Definitely going to wear it again, a lot.

I plan on writing more about Tim Waggoner’s short story writing workshop next week (or tomorrow, if I can get to it) so look for that. Thanks for reading!

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