Monday was a big day for me. I got three awesome notifications in my inbox:

The Red Penny Papers wants to publish my story “Midnight Laundry” in their Summer edition!

-Another publisher wants to buy a second story of mine (I don’t want to jinx it so no details until the contract is signed).

-I received payment for the story that started all this,  Shadows of the Darkest Jade (appearing in Historical Lovecraft), officially making me a professional fiction writer!

I’m definitely riding high on success lately, and I’m trying to preserve this feeling so I can better endure the rejection that will inevitably come later. That might sound defeatist, but my philosophy is hope for the best, prepare for the worst.  Every bubble has to burst…(heh, I rhymed)

In other excellent news, Goodreads is giving away two copies of Historical Lovecraft!

9 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Congrats!
    I’ve gotten good news recently as well, but there’s no money involved in it.

    We’re revamping the writers group that I’m involved with in Lancaster, and making it more readings-based and less structured. Would you be interested in doing a reading at an event hosted by my group?

      • well, In baby news I did realize that my due date is Oscar Wilde’s birthday…which is kind of funny. But mostly writing-related news– I have three publications coming up (I know at least two poems and one non-fiction piece will be out there). The one I can talk about is Silhouette Magazine which is published at Shawnee State.

        Let me know what days would be best for you as far as readings go–I’m assuming it would be on a Saturday. We’re doing a meeting tomorrow, so I’ll be able to start putting together some ideas.

  2. Well congrats on your well-deserved success! As for the reading, Saturday afternoons are usually doable for me but there are a few dates that are terrible–I can’t do April 23, for instance, or May 21, or May 27 (that’s Marcon). Any other dates are pretty much open. I think.

  3. Definitely congrats – and I don’t think it’s defeatist to use this moment to help get you through later rejections. Rejections are part of writing, as well as other things, and this is what makes them endurable.

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