A Cornucopia of Deadlines

Fresh deadlines, just picked this morning!*

Unspeakable Horror 2: Abominations of Desire – June 30

Steampunk Holiday Novellas – May 15

Four in the Hole Zombie Anthology – May 15

Bigfoot Horror Anthology – Open until filled

Box of Delights Horror Anthology – May 31

Wily Writers Podcast: Dystopian/Apocalyptic Issue – May 31

Stories in the Ether, Volume 1 – Ongoing

Future Lovecraft Anthology – May 1 to June 30

Loco-Thology: Tales of Fantasy & Science Fiction – April 30

Spinetinglers Monthly Short Story Contest – Ongoing

Appalachian Undead Anthology – July 1

Don’t forget to check last month’s open anthologies post, as many of them are still accepting submissions.

The deadlines I publish here are generally centered around science fiction, steampunk, and horror anthologies/publications because those are my favorite genres. I cannot vouch for any of these publishers, even the ones I’ve worked with; submitter beware. Please let me know, however, if you have a bad experience with any of these publishers so I can stop promoting their anthologies!

Special thanks must go to Dark Markets and Doug Hagler for providing some of these links. Currently I’m only promoting paying markets, so while other people did suggest other markets I chose not to put them here; if I started listing all the non-paying markets this listing would be much, much too long.

*freshness of deadlines may be greatly exaggerated.

2 thoughts on “A Cornucopia of Deadlines

  1. Mmm…link-love.

    Man, all these deadlines make me wish I had time to write fiction right now. I typed friction there, but then replaced it. Come to think of it, I also wish I had time to write friction.

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