Deadlines, deadlines

So it’s that time again! As I managed to complete both my goal deadlines for February (hooray!), I’m now eyeing upcoming deadlines for March and beyond. Here’s a bevy of choices for aspiring fiction writers:

The Crimson Pact: Volume 2 – June 6

The Mammoth Book of Steampunk – April 1

Appalachian Folklore: Dark Tales of Superstition and Old Wives’ Tales – extended, open until filled

Through the Eyes of the Undead II -April/May (to be announced)

Ocean Stories – March 31

Dreams of Steam II: Of Brass and Bolts – May 31

Penny Dread Tales – Vol. 1 – March 26

How the West Was Wicked – March 31

Mortis Operandi (Supernatural Crime) – Open until filled

Best New Werewolf Tales Vol. 1 – March 31 (note special submission instructions)

Bride of the Golem: An Anthology of Humorous Jewish Horror – March 1 (may be extended to May 1)

Live And Let Undead – March 7

Zombies Without Borders – March 1 (hurry on this one!)

A word to the wise: I have worked with the editor of The Crimson Pact but none of the others. Always review contracts carefully; I don’t guarantee that any of these people are on the level, though I do want to hear about it if you submit to one of these anthologies and get stiffed. That’s good information for me and for other authors to share.

There will be another Innsmouth Free Press anthology coming up but the public announcement has not yet been made. More next month!

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