You’re not a fraud, Wil Wheaton!

Because I’m too exhausted to write anything original, here’s a neat post from Wil Wheaton’s blog.

I think it’s interesting that he has so many hangups about his fiction, and that when he started out writing he felt like a fraud. Writing fiction is the one thing that feels authentic to me. Everything else I do seems like pantomime, at times; like I’m going through the motions. Doubly so when I’m unmedicated. When I’m writing, I feel more myself than at any other time. Even during the years in my twenties when I wrote almost nothing and didn’t seek any kind of publication or recognition, I still considered myself to be a writer. I was telling stories before I could write them; it’s the Thing I Cannot Help Doing (you have a Thing too, so don’t look at me like that). Director Kevin Smith addresses this issue adroitly in this blog post, where he proves that the Thing He Cannot Help Doing is making movies. He didn’t want to be a filmmaker, he simply was one, from the beginning, even when he didn’t know it.

So, dear reader: What is the Thing over which you obsess? I’ve showed you mine, so now you show me yours!

…and incidentally that snippet of a story on Wil’s blog has definitely whetted my appetite! For $1 I’ll certainly read the rest when it’s ready for consumption.

2 thoughts on “You’re not a fraud, Wil Wheaton!

  1. Creative writing…I tried to kill it as being impractical, and tried to make my Historical research as creative and entertaining as possible (if you know what I usually research you would find this to be a sort of gallows humor approach), but apparently I’m a natural writer according to some (I must say that a few people have far greater expectations of me than I have for myself, but I hate to disappoint so I will keep pushing myself). My writing weirdness is so bad right now that I record lines of poetry and story ideas on a microtape recorder while I drive to and from school.

    • The microtape recorder is a great idea. We waste a lot of creative time driving in our cars. I wonder if someone makes a waterproof tape recorder…I get all my best ideas in the shower! 😛

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