On my desk

So I guess when I said that I was taking a little break from story writing this month what I meant was that I’m going to write a couple of stories for upcoming deadlines. Hey, blame it on the unexpected snow day on Tuesday, which allowed me to churn out a 5,000 word story in one afternoon because I didn’t have to worry about work or school.

The story I finished Tuesday, then edited and submitted yesterday, was a submission for Candle in the Attic Window, another anthology from Innsmouth Free Press. I really enjoyed working with them for the Historical Lovecraft Anthology, so hopefully they’ll like this story too.

I’m also working on something for The Red Penny Papers. I think I might just edit and send them an old story of mine that just happens to suit the casual, almost whimsical tone they seem to like. The story is also really short, and they seem to prefer bite-sized stories.  A part of me thinks that my writing is not up to par with the work of the other authors currently published in this quarterly, but there’s really only one way to find out whether I’m correct. I’m terrible at judging my own writing anyway, so I really shouldn’t listen to my own Doubting Thomas of a brain.

In convention-related news I’ve sent in my panelist info for Millennicon, in March, and I’m working on completing my form for MARCon, which happens in May. I will be reading my story from The Crimson Pact, Volume 1, at both conventions, hopefully along with other contributors to the anthology. These will be my first fiction readings at conventions, so I’m excited!

I’m also considering attending Origins and GenCon, the former because it’s convenient and the latter because it apparently has a really excellent Writer’s Symposium that is recommended by Steven Saus (I have found that it is generally a good idea to take Steve’s advice, where writing is concerned, anyway). It would also give me the opportunity to meet Paul Gennesse, editor of the Crimson Pact Anthologies, which would be neat, so I’m going to try to fit it into my schedule.

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