About The Author

Sarah is an author, editor, and educator. About a dozen of her short stories have appeared in print, and she is the editor of the anthologies Sidekicks! and Steampunk World. Her hobbies include crocheting blasphemies and dressing anachronistically. When not writing, blogging, or seeking enlightenment through crafting, she can be found traveling the aether aboard The Airship Archon, which frequently docks at science fiction conventions across the Midwest. Please check the Appearances Page for the Airship’s scheduled stops. You can contact Sarah via email at sarah.hans@gmail.com, or visit her on facebook.


4 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Published Native American writer here. Are you still seeking submissions for the Steam Punk anthology?


    • Thanks for the inquiry Paul. The anthology has been filled for some time now. There is a possibility of a Volume 2, and if that happens I will announce it on my blog.

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