Super Exciting News Explosion!!!!1!


  • Steampunk World is now available for pre-order if you missed the Kickstarter! Also, prints of the new cover!
  • My short story “FawnGirl14” has been selected for an anthology I’m not allowed to name yet that will be appearing on Kickstarter soon! It’s about a girl with antlers, and I’ve been a little obsessed with the imagery of girls with antlers for years, so this was kind of a cathartic story for me. Also a lot of fun to read at DetCon1 last weekend.
  • My short story “Voice of the Revolution” will be appearing in an anthology of stories about bards put together by Doc Myers of Dwarven Cookbook fame. Each story will include a recipe tailor-made by Doc, which is really neat and unique. The Kickstarter for this anthology should drop in September, so keep an eye out for more info on that.
  • My short story “Se Fe Lontan/Long Time No See” will be appearing in Lincoln Crisler‘s latest anthology, That Voodoo, Hoodoo, That You Do. The story is about a Vodou priestess who has to fight the demons of her past to fight the demons of the present.  I’m excited about this one because the protagonist is a middle-aged woman of color, a demographic that is super underrepresented in genre fiction. I hope I did her justice.
  • I moved to a big new house in a nice new neighborhood, and finished that on Saturday, so I can finally get back to writing and managing submissions!
  • I passed my last licensure exam, so now I can finally apply for my teaching license! Yaaaaaaaay! This has been a long road, so long there was a time where I thought I’d never get to this point. But I did! Go me!

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