Dr. Fantastique’s Needs YOU!

As you probably already realize, I write convention reviews (and soon: book reviews) for Dr. Fantastique’s Show of Wonders, a steampunk magazine.  Currently the zine is primarily online but has one issue in print with another on the way. The print issues are print-on-demand, a proposition that is expensive and therefore provides very little profit. Because of this, most of the contributors to the zine are unpaid, including me!

Well now there’s a kickstarter to help launch Dr. Fantastique’s as a proper magazine, with regular print issues at a reasonable price. If the kickstarter works, the magazine will be able to offer issues and subscriptions like a normal zine, and possibly even start paying the writers, artists, and editors who contribute–which would mean yours truly would be a proper journalist! And then maybe I could afford to go to conventions without doing a buttload of panels to get a free badge. (A girl can dream!)

The kickstarter offers great rewards, too. I’ve pledged $25, because I want the steampunk pin hand-painted by Kristin Berwald, the jewelry artist behind Bionic Unicorn. I consider this pledge an investment in my future. Also: fancy pin!

The kickstarter won’t charge you until it processes in November, so you don’t have to wait until your next paycheck to pledge. Please help us support this unique magazine!

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