As a writer, it’s generally a good idea to avoid reading reviews of your work, just in case. I let other people point out good reviews to me, rather than go hunting, because you never know what you might find and my ego, while not fragile, is not up for a pummeling. (I’m still at the beginning of my journey and I’m a little worried that if I am knocked off my horse I won’t get back on again!)

Luckily, several good reviews have come along for anthologies that feature my stories:

It’s especially gratifying that several of these reviewers mention my stories–“Shadows of the Darkest Jade” and “An Ideal Vessel”, respectively–as favorite works they especially enjoyed. That’s definitely a boost my writer’s ego can use once in a while!

If you haven’t yet purchased copies of these anthologies, you can do so at the Amazon links above, or you can visit me at Origins Game Fair this weekend!

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