Hooray April

Lots of new stuff this week:

Now that the contract is signed I can finally promote A Candle In the Attic Window, another anthology from the lovely people at Innsmouth Free Press. This is a Gothic horror anthology, and my story, Frozen Souls, is about Chinese immigrant laborers working on the American railroad in the late 1800’s. Did you know that Chinese laborers blasted Donner Pass only a few years after the infamous disaster? I like a little history with my horror.

In other news, I’m currently in the planning stages of readings and panels for Origins. More news on that later when I have specifics.

I’m also definitely attending the GenCon Writer’s Symposium. I probably won’t be doing any panels or readings, because my goal is to soak up as much information from other writers as I possibly can.  Event registration goes live on Sunday!

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