Writing for Charity

Writing for the benefit of others not only comes with the warm-fuzzy feeling that lets you know that you’re helping humanity with your art, but also allows you to get your name and work out to a new audience who might otherwise never have seen it. Here are a few places accepting donations of the written word:

Autism Benefit Issue – Flying Island Press is looking for original stories featuring characters on the autism spectrum; all proceeds will go to Autism Speaks. Deadline: April 30, 2011

Genre For Japan – Seeking donations of genre items (science fiction, fantasy, horror) for charity auctions to benefit The British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. They’re accepting anything from books to clothing to services like editing and digital conversion.

Authors for Japan – Seeking donations of any literary items (not limited to a particular genre) for the same charity as above.

Anyone know of other places accepting donations of the literary sort, or have other auctions/raffles I can publicize here?

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