Millennicon in Review

Millennicon is a small convention of only a few hundred people. Thanks to an anime convention scheduled on the same weekend, I suspect there might not have even been that many people present this year. It was quiet and mellow –  two qualities I don’t usually associate with conventions – and that was actually really nice. I often say I need a vacation from my hectic life; and well, for a about 24 hours, I got one!

For some people, the mellow atmosphere and low attendance would make this convention a “basement con” and not worth their time, but that’s not the case for me. I really like smaller conventions. I get to spend more time with my friends, participate in more panels, and really get to know the other convention attendees. I get to build relationships instead of flitting from event to event, lost in a sea of other geeks, my outfits unappreciated and my shy personality overlooked.

If you want to be constantly entertained, go to a big convention like Dragon*Con. If you want to be appreciated, especially if you, like me, have a shy streak, please try a smaller con like Millennicon. And you never know, you could meet a small-time short-story writer who will someday become A Very Big Deal, and then you can say you knew him/her back in the day!

Me, Steven Saus, and Elaine Blose reading from The Crimson Pact: Volume One (out now, only $5.00!)

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