Strange Inspiration

As a writer, inspiration can strike at any time, but it helps to constantly read varied and interesting sources, especially if you’re writing science fiction or horror. After all, the most horrific ideas often come from the most mundane speculation about what the world will be like in just a few years, or observations made about the natural world. Here are a few sources of inspiration for me that cropped up recently.

Six important things you didn’t know you were running out of – is a hilarious place to learn fascinating facts. This list provides some great inspiration for speculative writers–what will happen when we run out of fresh water? Phosphorus? Helium? Entire novels have been written speculating on what society will be like without these essentials!

Fungus can turn animals into zombies – Who needs rampaging viruses or radiation from space when there are fungi that can control your mind? See also Captain Higgins the liver fluke! Horrifying!

Twenty-legged cactus once walked China – Need inspiration for your latest space creature or horror monster? This strange animal (or walking plant?) has no discernible beginning or end, way too many legs, and spikes on its back. This is the stuff of nightmares and Half Life!

So what has inspired YOU recently? Please share with the class!

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