Steampunk Delights

Several interesting steampunk-related items crossed my desk today and I thought I should share them.

Panic at the Disco’s latest video, for the song The Ballad of Mona Lisa, features several prominent members of the steampunk community, including talented fashion designer Megan Maude (though why they don’t show her beautiful face is beyond me) as well as members of the League of STEAM. Find the video here, along with a “behind the scenes” featurette.

From gorgeous steampunk keyboards made from recycled parts.

From Geeks Are Sexy: a breathtaking steampunk music video with appropriately somber music.

From Abney Park: Airship Pirates, the roleplaying game!

I also had a friend ask me for steampunk resources, so here are the links I provided him.

For photos and social networking:
The Steampunk Empire
Steamfashion on Livejournal
Steampunk Gear on Flickr

For clothes and gear:
The Frenzy Universe
Clockwork Couture
Gypsy Lady Hats

Anyone want to recommend any other sites?

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