On my desk

I just wrapped up (in a nice blood-red bow) my submission for The Crimson Pact anthology and sent it off to the editor for his approval or rejection. This is the scary part, when my baby has been birthed and raised and taught right-from-wrong, and now has to hold its own against other children on the playground, or else come home crying with skinned knees. Oh my dear little story, I hope I raised you right!

The wait to hear from an anthology I’m really excited about can be excruciating, and this is one I want very badly to be a part of, which only makes the wait even more painful. The only good distraction is: more work! So, like a mother who has sent her first youngling off to kindergarten and dislikes the quiet of the empty house, I shall conceive again!

Here are a few steampunk anthologies/publications that have deadlines coming up:

The Red Penny Papers – February 28th

Dreams of Steam II: Of Brass and Bolts – May 31st

Pill Hill Press Weird Western Anthology – Open until filled

I haven’t decided which I’ll submit to first, but I think I might start something for the Red Penny Papers, since it has the closest deadline.  A girl has to choose a suitor somehow, yes?

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