Story Sales and Other Mega-Exciting News!

Happy summer, dear friends! I hope the summer months are proving as restorative and joyful for you as they are for me. I’m excited to make a few announcements:

  • My story “The Moon In Her Eyes” will be appearing in the anthology Burnt Fur, a collection of furry horror, that should be out early in 2020, if not sooner. It’s a story that means a lot to me because I wrote it after my first dog died, a few years ago, and I never expected to sell it anywhere. Writing it was cathartic and I hope reading it will be, too. (Don’t worry, NO DOGS DIE in the story. I’m not a monster!)
  • My story “Nana” has sold to the anthology Monsters in Spaaaace! which should be appearing on Kickstarter in the Fall. I’m excited about this one because it’s a second-person story, which I love to write, but are notoriously difficult to sell. Also, it’s a story about a creepy doll on a trash planet. Basically I put a bunch of things I love into a blender!
  • And now, the big news, DRUM ROLL PLEASE, my story “Tiny Teeth” will be appearing on Pseudopod, the audio horror magazine!!!! This is huge for a number of reasons. First, the story is deeply personal, about a topic that is very close to my heart (and some other organs). Second, I’m a giant fan of Pseudopod; it’s one of the only podcasts to which I subscribe, so this is definitely a bucket list sale. This is also my first SFWA-qualifying sale! I’m gonna get paid big girl money for it! I just bought a house so I need every penny. Obviously, I’d love for everyone to give it a listen when it goes live, but it is a horror story, so if that’s not your jam, please don’t force yourself to listen. If you still want to support me, you can recommend it to your friends who do like horror! I’ll be sure to post about it literally everywhere when the story goes live.
  • This month I’m going to start recording episodes for my book recommendation podcast, which Lucy Snyder helpfully named Super Happy Panda Book Club. For now, it will be posted to my Patreon, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to make the episodes public in six months or so. If you’d like book recommendations based on your reading, viewing, or other preferences (Hogwarts House? Myers-Briggs personality type?), comment below and I’ll schedule an episode dedicated just to book recommendations for you!
  • Finally, my Patreon has new reward tiers! If you like listening to audio, reading exclusive book reviews, and getting snail mail, then I’ve got awesome new rewards for my backers that might appeal to you. Every penny goes to other authors who are helping me become a better writer, and I’m hoping to raise enough to afford podcast hosting in the next six months so I can do a proper job of getting the podcast out there. If you can’t back the Patreon, please consider telling your friends.

Thank you for all your support! I’m so excited about these developments and I hope to have more to share soon. Upcoming on this blog: I’ve got book reviews for  The Light Brigade, Trail of Lightning, The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, and more! ❤

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