News and Reviews!


Happy to announce that “The Rebel,” a story I co-wrote with the amazing Maurice Broaddus, will shortly be published in the gorgeous anthology Mechanical Animals. Here’s a great review of the book at Kirkus. I had a blast writing the story with Maurice, and now he’s busy writing novels for an imprint of Harper Collins! Check out the strange result of our combined writerly powers while you can.



Speaking of reviews, I’ve got a few exciting ones of my books to share with you:

If you spot any other positive reviews in the wild, please forward them to me (please don’t send me the negative ones, that’s a jerk move)! I’ve honestly never had better days than the ones where I learn someone liked my writing. It’s so encouraging.

More good news: it’s been hard to write for the last year+ but I’m on new medication and the beginning-of-school-year madness is dying down a bit, so now my writing production should pick up. I’m still posting a story or nonfiction piece each month on my Patreon, and now just about every month there’s an extra goody like an audio recording or a poem. All for just $1.00! And every penny I receive is pledged to other writers providing services like keeping me updated on publishing news and giving me feedback on my stories, so it’s all going to further my development as a writer AND support some hardworking authors who deserve the cash.

I haven’t been making regular blog posts as often as I would like, but I have been reading, so several book review posts are on their way, and I’m excited to share a breakdown of all the books I read and loved in 2018. What are you reading that you recommend I check out next year?

Thanks, as always, for your support!

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