Eldritch Embraces and other news

Eldritch EmbracesI’ve been so busy with my day job, I haven’t had time to tell you that Eldritch Embraces is out! If you missed the crowdfunding campaign, now is your chance to get a collection of Lovecraftian romance that features a story by yours truly. I promise there are no tentacles in my story. Check out that awesome cover!

In other news, I’m proud to announce that Tade Thompson’s story from Steampunk World is available for your listening pleasure on the prestigious Escape Pod podcast. Please give it a listen and tell the author how much you loved it.

Speaking of anthologies, here’s your reminder that you have less than two months remaining to get me a story for Steampunk Universe. The revised Call for Submissions is here. If you’d like to know why the Call was revised, you can read about that on my publisher’s blog, here.

Now that the school year is drawing to a close, things are calming down at the day job and I have some fun blog posts planned. So stay tuned for Hopefully More Content! LOL.

Happy reading and writing! 🙂

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