Steampunk Shapeshifter Stories are here!

The Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls is a collection of  steampunk werecreature stories (edited by the fantastic Jennifer Brozek) that features a story by yours truly, “Wings of Feather, Wings of Brass.” Here is the interior artwork for my story (drawn by the incredible Jenna Fowler) and the awesome cover:

Wings of Feather, Wings of Brass by Jenna Fowler


The Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls

Here’s the Table of Contents! I’m super excited to share a TOC with authors from both Steampunk World and Sidekicks!:

The Ussuri Bear by Ken Liu

Indentured by Jay Wilburn

A Cage Gilded by Matthew Marovich

Wings of Feather, Wings of Brass by Sarah Hans

The Wild Charge They Made by Steven Saus

A Taste of the Other Side by Chadwick Ginther

Peculiar Institution by Caren Gussoff

The Clockwork Caesar by Alan Smale

The Business of Ferrets by Patrick S. Tomlinson

Dark Energy by Donald J. Bingle

The Captain’s Wife by Tyler Hayes

Red in Winter by Lillian Cohen-Moore

Legacy by A.G. Carpenter

The Man at the End of the Chain by Folly Blaine

Their Man by Mark W. Coulter

A Well-Crafted Man by Nick Bergeron

Quarantine Station by Thoraiya Dyer

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