Where Are They Now? A SIDEKICKS! Retrospective

This month marks the first anniversary of the release of Sidekicks!, my first anthology as an editor. For fun, let’s see what the authors of the anthology’s twenty stories and introduction have been up to since then! Note: these updates appear in the same order as the book’s table of contents, so if you’re looking for an update about the author of your favorite story, hopefully that will make it easy to find.

Since Sidekicks, Alasdair Stuart, author of the introduction, has moved house, moved server and started a monthly cult film column at Geek Syndicate. He’s also written a Victoriana adventure featuring a transformer that becomes a steam organ, robotic gargoyles and the weaponization of an ancient death god. He continues to host and co-host the podcasts Pseudopod and Escape Pod respectively. Most importantly, he’s got engaged to his girlfriend, Cast of Wonders editor Marguerite Kenner.

“Coffee and Collaborators” author Patrick Tomlinson continues to write and be awesome. His first novel, The Wererat’s Tale III: The Collar of Perdition, came out last year.

Alex Bledsoe, author of “Hunter and Bagger,” released his second Tufa novel (Wisp of a Thing), his fifth Eddie LaCrosse novel (He Drank, and Saw the Spider), and his first collaboration (Sword Sisters, written with Tara Cardinal). He also adopted a new daughter, making the family boy/girl ratio now 3:2.

“Alex and the OCD Oracle” author D. Robert Hamm has had a truly difficult year. If you’d like to read more and offer support to this wonderful author and disabled veteran, click here.

Nayad Monroe,  author of “Quintuple-A,” finally saw Stonehenge in the fall of 2013 as part of her trip to the World Fantasy Convention in England. More importantly, she edited her first anthology, What Fates Impose. This year she is working on her next fiction anthology projects with Alliteration Ink, as well as some mixed-media artwork. She continues to tweet on an almost-daily basis (for proof, follow @Nayad).

“Hero” author Kathy Watness continues to write and lead a very quiet online life.

In October, Stephen Lickman, author of “Fangirl”, had a story appear in Metastasis: A Charity Anthology Benefiting Cancer Research. The anthology was published by Wolfsinger Publications and is available through Amazon.com and other online retailers. He continues to blog on his website, beerandmonsters.com, about writing, home brewing, and his dog’s fight with cancer.

Graham Storrs has released three novels since Sidekicks! came out. Two of these, Timesplash and True Path, are set in the same world as “After the Party” and were published by Pan Macmillan/Momentum. The third is a near-future thriller about the perils of augmented reality called Heaven is a Place on Earth.

Michael Haynes, author of “Learning the Game,” has sold podcast reprint rights for the story to Cast of Wonders and has had new stories released or upcoming by publications including Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

“Doomed” author K.W. Taylor will see her first novel, an urban fantasy titled The Red Eye, in print with Alliteration Ink this year!

Bill Bodden, author of “In The Shadow Of His Glory”, has been writing for tabletop role-playing games lately, including material for the Achtung! Cthulhu Keeper’s Guide.

Since last we met, “Second Banana Republic” author Donald J. Bingle has continued to pen short stories, as well as ghost-written two novellas (see www.donaldjbingle.com for details), but is most excited about the production of an audiobook version of his spy thriller, Net Impact, available hereSarah’s note: My dad loves spy thrillers and I gave him this book for Father’s Day last year. He loved it. 

Over the course of 2013, Alexis A. Hunter, author of “The Balance Between Us”, was delighted to have her first short story series — “By the Gun”, a four-part weird western — published in Spark: A Creative AnthologyVolumes I-IV.  In November, one of Alexis’ favorites stories, a “creepily touching” story entitled “Dark Refrain”, was published in Read Short Fiction.

“The Decent Thing To Do” author Daniel R. Robichaud has seen a number of his short stories published under the collected title Dark Enchantments.

“The Minion’s Son” author Daniel O’Riordan still has a home for wayward ferrets.

“The Old West” author Matt Betts saw the publication of his critically-acclaimed first novel, Odd Men Out, from Dog Star Books.

Mary Garber, author of “Worthy,” attended the Viable Paradise Writers’ Workshop, moved from Ohio to New Jersey, and traveled to Thailand and Japan. She’s now hard at work on her novel.

“Relic of the Red Planet” author Neal F. Litherland writes for a gaming blog called Improved Initiative.

For the bulk of 2013, Chanté McCoy, author of “The Gold Mask’s Menagerie,” managed a mayoral campaign (alas, the incumbent won). In addition to her day job, she continues to write regularly for a pet magazine and  to serve on her local Arts Council. Her first book — Seven White Wolves —  was published in January.

Alana Lorens, author of “A Recipe for Success,” has spent a year traveling and writing, wrestling with giant blue crabs in the Florida Keys and surviving a transcontinental Amtrak ride from Pennsylvania to Nevada, despite the “Snakes on a Train.”  Her romantic suspense novelVOODOO DREAMS was published by the Wild Rose Press in October 2013, and ENCOUNTER, a suspense novel from Three Fates Press, came out in February 2014. Keep up with her latest exploits at her website and Facebook page!

“At Your Service” author Kelly Swails published a prequel to her Sidekicks! story, “The One Where the Father Dies,” in the anthology Heroes!, the 2013 Origins Game Fair souvenir anthology, which she also edited.

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