2014 Convention Schedule

Here are the conventions at which I’m planning to appear in 2014:

Steampunk Empire Symposium: April 25 – 27, Cincinnati

Mo*Con 9: May 2 – 4, Indianapolis

MARCon – May 9 – 11, Columbus

DetCon 1: July 17 – 20, Detroit

GenCon: August 14 –  17, Indianapolis

ConText 27: September 26 – 28, Columbus

TeslaCon5: November 7 – 9, Madison**

**This is very tentative. If I manage to get a teaching job it may be out of the question.

You may note that the Origins Game Fair Author Library is not listed on my convention schedule for this year. I have not received any communication about this convention from the organizers. If you’re an author-friend who is going to be in town for Origins, however, I’d love to get together! Drop me a line so we can schedule a lunch/dinner/play date. I can bring Munchkin! ^___^

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