Steampunk World Table of Contents

The Kickstarter for Steampunk World is inches away from fulfilling our second stretch goal: interior artwork for each story by cover artist James Ng! We already funded the anthology and a brand new Kickstarter-exclusive cover. Well done!

So without further ado, the much-awaited table of contents for Steampunk World*:

“Shedding Skin; Or, How the World Came to Be” by Jay Lake

“Hidden Strength” by Jaymee Goh

“Promised” by Nisi Shawl

“The Firebird” by Emily Cataneo

“The Little Begum” by Indrapramit Das

“One Thousand and One Pieces” by Lucien Soulban

“Hatavat Chalom” by Lillian Cohen-Moore

“The Leviathan of Trincomalee” by Lucy A. Snyder

“The Hand of Sa-Seti” by Balogun Ojetade

“The Omai Gods” by Alex Bledsoe

“The Governess and We” by Benjanun Sriduangkaew

“Tangi A Te Ruru/The Cry of the Morepork” by Pip Ballantine

“The Construct Also Dreams of Flight” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

“Budo, or the Flying Orchid” by Tade Thompson

“The Şehrazatın Diyoraması Tour” by SJ Chambers

“The Emperor Everlasting” by Nayad A. Monroe

“Mary Sundown and the Clockmaker’s Children” by Malon Edwards

“Good Hunting” by Ken Liu

I can’t wait to see the incredible illustrations James is going to do for the stories in the book, but that means first we have to fund interior illustrations! If you haven’t backed the project yet, please do so now, so you can snag exclusive rewards like downloadable wallpapers and the exclusive cover. If you have backed the anthology, THANK YOU, now please tell your friends! Everybody wins if we hit our stretch goals.

And don’t forget, if we make it to our third stretch goal YOU can submit a story for Volume 2, because that volume will be open to submissions from anyone.

*I reserve the right to rearrange this TOC before the book is printed. Editor’s prerogative! Also, it’s possible that some of the titles may change between now and printing. But the stories will be same, I promise.

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