Steampunk World is Funded…What Now?

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Holy steamcow. In under a week…
First off, I need to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in this effort: Steve Saus, for his brilliant job managing the Kickstarter; the authors, who so kindly offered backer rewards on top of writing stories; and of course our backers, without whose pledges and posts we never would have achieved funding so quickly.  I’m going to point a big brass finger at Diana Pho and Tony Ballard-Smoot, two good friends, who have really gone above and beyond in the promotion department, without whom this would not have been possible.
I’m thrilled to tell you that, while this has been successful beyond my wildest dreams already, Steve and I have been prepared all along for the possibility that we would reach funding and we have a number of really exciting overflow goals and rewards associated with them.
That’s right, THERE’S MORE.
Cover artist James Ng has kindly offered to paint us an original cover for the anthology if we can raise enough money for his usual fee. That’s our first overflow goal. Because we want to reward all our early-adopters, this cover will be a Kickstarter exclusive. You heard me correctly. You and the other backers will be the only ones to have the book with this custom cover. 
Our other overflow goals include interior illustrations and the possibility of a Volume 2. Volume 2 would be an open-call edition, so any author would be invited to submit. We’d still be paying pro rates for that anthology too. Best of all, the new volume would be added to the existing backer reward levels. 
So if we meet all of our stretch goals, your rewards will double. Are you as excited about that as I am?!
If you backed at the $5 level, you will receive TWO Steampunk Samplers featuring five stories from each volume. If you backed at the $10 level, you’ll receive Steampunk World Volume 1 and 2 ebooks. If you backed at the $20 level, you’ll receive Steampunk World Volume 1 and 2 paperbacks. And if you backed at the $50 level, you’ll receive Steampunk World Volume 1 and 2 hardbacks.
TL;DR: If we achieve all our overflow goals, you will receive twice the rewards for the same pledge. 
So now is the time to promote, promote, promote. Tell your Mom, tell your Dad, tell your friends and your dentist and your postal worker and your dog walker. Because the more people sign onto this thing, the bigger and better the rewards will be for you.
Thanks again for your support. I can’t wait to see how far we can go!

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