Still Hungry For Your Love is here!

Your regularly scheduled Upcoming Deadlines post is bumped to next week because…drum roll please…


Still Hungry

My story “Dead Girls Don’t Love” is appearing in the anthology Still Hungry For Your Love, an anthology of zombie romance stories! I wrote the story after reading the first volume, Hungry For Your Love. I noticed that there were no gay romances in the book, and no voodoo zombies (which are my favorite kind!) so I wrote a story about lesbian voodoo zombies for fun. When I saw the call for Still Hungry, naturally I had to submit “Dead Girls Don’t Love.” I’m beyond thrilled that Lori Perkins, the editor, chose to include my slightly off-kilter take on zombie romance in her anthology.

This weekend at TeslaCon I was on a panel about escaping the slush pile and I talked about how authors should always strive for original ideas. I think my success with conquering the slush pile for Still Hungry (which had 200+ submissions) is further proof that thinking outside the box can sell stories. Don’t go with the idea that the editor is going to see in every submission; go with something  unique and memorable!

If you’re into zombies or romance or both, then please pick up a copy of the anthology and write us a review. This is one of those anthologies that pays only royalties, so your contribution DOES go directly into the pockets of the authors.

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