TeslaCon 4 Schedule

Look for me at TeslaCon 4 in the Archon Aerodrome! That’s right, the Airship Archon has been given our very own room for panels! I’m also exceptionally pleased that I’ll be sitting on some panels on Steampunk literature, as the convention has added a literary track. Hooray!

Find me here:


2:30: Steampunk is Everywhere  (Archon Aerodrome)

5:30: High Times in the Victorian Era (Archon Aerodrome)


11:30: Steamlolita: Where Steampunk Meets Lolita (Archon Aerodrome)

4:00: Write to Win: Getting Through the Slush Pile (Thor Amphitheatre)

5:30: Found in Translation: International Steampunk Literature (Thor Amphitheatre)

See you there!

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