Steampunk World is Delayed

As the title says, Steampunk World is delayed. Unfortunately I was not able to obtain enough viable stories for the anthology to go ahead with the Kickstarter this week as we originally planned.  Some of this is due to authors failing to send me stories by the deadline despite repeated extensions; some of this is due to my own mistake in not inviting more authors and being really, really picky about which stories I will buy. I had to decide which mattered to me more: putting out an anthology that’s true to my vision, or putting out an anthology on time.  I chose the former and I’m feeling pretty good about that.  Fortunately the publisher is a good friend of mine and extremely flexible, for which I’m very grateful. The project is still happening. The only change is that we’ll be launching the Kickstarter in October instead of releasing the book. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

One problem I’m having is a dearth of stories by writers of color. I’ve invited some more writers of color in the hopes of achieving a better balance, but I could use some more. If you are (or know) a writer of color who might be appropriate for this project, please forward your (or their) name and email address to me at steampunkworldantho(at)gmail(dot)com.  The anthology pays pro rates of $.05/word for original work. I’m especially interested in stories that take place in Africa, the Caribbean, Russia, the far North (think Sweden), the Americas (i.e. Native American tribes), and Australia. I have a lot of stories set in Asia, so a story in Asia will be a tough sell. You’re still welcome to try if you think you have something really stellar.

No stories about white people. The whole point of this project is to tell the stories of people who are typically overlooked by Western fiction.

Please spread the word. To whet your appetite, here’s the cover:

Art by James Ng, layout by Steven Saus

Art by James Ng, layout by Steven Saus

14 thoughts on “Steampunk World is Delayed

  1. So can people still submit? What is the new deadline? Where can I find your submission requirements? I looked over your blog but wasn’t able to find this information.
    Thanks! I’m looking forward to submitting.

  2. Hi, where can I find your submission guidelines? (due date, length, etc.) I looked over your site, but didn’t find this information.

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to submitting.

  3. Sorry for the delay on the project… but amazing art… James rocks Steampunk Art.. everyone loved the cover of our Shanghai Steam Anthology because of his work!

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  5. Sarah, VONA (Voices of Our Nations Arts) has a lot of writers who are interested in speculative fiction. I’m willing to bet if you posted on their FB page you’d have more writers of color interested. 🙂 Good luck!

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