GenCon Schedule

Ack! GenCon is like, soon! I gotta get packing!

Here’s where I’m scheduled to make appearances at the GenCon Writer’s Symposium (WS) next weekend:

Thursday 1:00 pm: Signing Table in the Dealer’s Hall – If you want to buy books from me, or have something signed, or just stop in and say hi, this is the best time to do so!

Friday 6:00 pm: Reading in WS Room 3 – If you’re interested in seeing/hearing me read my work aloud, this is where to do it!

Saturday Noon: Steampunk Panel in WS Room 1 – If you want to learn about Steampunk, this is the panel for you!

I’ll be hanging around the Writer’s Symposium and associated events, but I’ll also be available for pickup games, networking, chatting, lunch etc. See you there!

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