Life is uncertain…

…and the chance to get a peek into the future is tempting. But is it a good idea to look?

Introducing What Fates Impose, an anthology of speculative fiction relating to divination, edited by Nayad A. Monroe, and featuring a story by yours truly. You should back the Kickstarter for this book. Let me tell you why in some very succinct bullet points:

  • My story is about a transgender rune reader. When was the last time you read a story about a transgender rune reader? I doubt it was recently.
  • If this Kickstarter is funded, it will be one of the only professional-paying fiction publications I’ve ever written for, and will be the single largest payday I’ve gotten from writing so far. (And you love me, and want me to be rich, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? Right.)
  • Nayad Monroe is a fantabulous writer and editor and deserves to see her Kickstarter succeed. She has a story in Sidekicks!, a story that is going to be made into a movie, so that should tell you how amazing she is right there. If you won’t back it for me, back it for Nayad.
  • Alliteration Ink, Steve Saus’s publishing venture, is publishing Fates, and it’s the first of what we hope will be many professional-paying anthologies. Steve is a truly upstanding guy. He takes chances on hard-working authors and editors and does his utmost to help them succeed. If you won’t back it for me, back it for Steve.
  • I am offering to read tarot cards for six backers. I don’t read tarot cards often anymore. Not even for my friends. I want to see this project succeed so much that I am offering to dust off my favorite deck of cards and set aside an hour of my time to provide YOU with a glimpse into your future. All for the very reasonable price of $47.00, which includes the book as well. What a deal!!
  • I love bullet points.
  • Check out this gorgeous cover, y’all.

Check out those ravens!

And here is a picture of me from a million years ago with shorter hair,  a larger double chin, and a tarot deck, to whet your appetite for the tarot readings to come. Look how excited I am to read your cards! Look how my hat doesn’t fit quite right, but actually that jacket is pretty cute and I should wear it more often! BEHOLD!

HAHA this picture is so old

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