Steampunk Empire Symposium Schedule

Sadly I won’t get to ramble on about being a writer much at SES this year, or lolita fashion, or how the Victorians got high, as the Great and Wise Panel Faeries didn’t choose any of my favorite panels. Instead I’ll be enlightening the masses regarding Steampunk fashion, literature, culture, etc. as the Second Lieutenant of the Airship Archon. We takes what we can gets. Looks like I’ll be in Salon A for much of the weekend, so I hope I’ll see you there!

I’ll be on the following panels:

Steampunk 320: Steampunk For Fun and Profit – Friday 5pm (Salon A)

Steampunk 101: Steampunk For Beginners – Saturday 2pm (Salon A)

Steampunk 220: Intermediate Steampunk – Sunday 10am (Salon A)

Other Airship Archon panels:

Make and Take – Friday 5pm (Salon C and D)

Charm, Swagger and Bravado: a Guide to Convention Confidence – Friday 7pm (Salon B)

From Disaster to Dashing: Dressing for Men – Saturday 12pm (Salon A)

Prominent Posteriors: The Art of the Bustle – Saturday 1pm (Salon A) My prominent posterior might make a showing at this one, wink wink!

Victorian Inebriation – Saturday 7pm (Salon A)

Prop and Costume Alchemy – Saturday 7pm (Salon C and D)

I’m really looking forward  to seeing Les Odalisques and my friends both new and old!

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