Sidekicks! Table of Contents

Last month I revealed the cover of Sidekicks!, my very first anthology as an editor. This month I’m thrilled to unveil the Table of Contents:

Introduction – Alasdair Stuart

Coffee and Collaborators – Patrick Tomlinson

Hunter and Bagger – Alex Bledsoe

Alex and the OCD Oracle – D. Robert Hamm

Quintuple-A – Nayad Monroe

Hero – Kathy Watness

Fangirl – Stephen Lickman

After the Party – Graham Storrs

Learning the Game – Michael Haynes

Doomed – K.W. Taylor

In the Shadow of His Glory – Bill Bodden

Second Banana Republic – Donald J. Bingle

The Balance Between Us – Alexis A. Hunter

The Decent Thing To Do – Daniel R. Robichaud

The Minion’s Son – Daniel O’Riordan

The Old West – Matt Betts

Worthy – M.E. Garber

Relic of the Red Planet – Neal F. Litherland

The Gold Mask’s Menagerie – Chanté McCoy

A Recipe for Success – Alana Lorens

At Your Service – Kelly Swails

I’m almost done with the final editing. We hope to have copies of the book in our hands for Millennicon next month! Yay!

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