Sidekicks! Cover

The very talented Len Peralta required less than three days to produce this cover. He took direction really well and worked FAST!  You can click here to see the process of drawing, inking, and coloring the piece. Nifty!

Congrats to Steve Lickman, Donald J. Bingle, Daniel R. Robichaud, and Patrick Tomlinson, whose characters were selected for the cover. Naturally Len’s interpretation isn’t going to be exactly what each author had in mind when they created their respective characters, but that’s the nature of collaboration and artistic license! I’m very pleased with how they turned out.

The characters are, from left to right: Kristi from “Fangirl,” Paulo from “Second Banana Republic,” Redbreast from “The Decent Thing to Do,” and Stiletto from “Coffee and Collaborators.” I chose these four characters because they’re all visually interesting and also because they’re a good representative sample of the stories in the anthology.

I’ll have a Table of Contents for you soon–hopefully next week!

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