2013 Convention Schedule

Ohayocon – January 18-20, Columbus, Ohio

Millennicon – March 15-17, Cincinnati, Ohio

Steampunk Empire Symposium – April 26- 28, Cincinnati, Ohio

Origins Game Fair, June 12-18, Columbus, Ohio

GenCon – August 15-18, Indianapolis, IN

Dragon*Con – August 30–Sept 2, Atlanta, GA

ConText 26 – September 27-29, Columbus, Ohio

TeslaCon 4 – Oct. 31 – Nov. 3, Madison, WI

There are two conventions I’d really like to attend, but won’t be able to unless I can find people to share rooms/rides with:

WisCon 37 – May 24-27, Madison, WI

CONvergence – July 4-7, Minneapolis, MN

So if you’re interested in riding/rooming with me for either of those please speak up!

My time is becoming very precious as I become involved in bigger and bigger writing and editing projects (YAY for projects but also boo for lack of free time). I’m also struggling to pay my ever-increasing health insurance premiums, and I need to do a better job of saving money this year in preparation for my impending joblessness. So there are very few conventions on this list that I can attend without a comped badge (mainly, writing conventions–or scifi conventions with writing tracks–that will be worth attending regardless of cost because of the networking and exposure they entail, even if I can only get on one or two panels). This means that, if I’m not offered a comped badge for some of the others, I won’t be able to attend. It’s not personal, it’s just math. The math of money and time and opportunity. :/

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