Ohayocon Schedule

Ohayocon is the Midwest’s premiere anime convention. It’s a young convention, and by that I mean, the attendees are young. And they bring with them all the exuberance and enthusiasm of youth, so the convention is pretty fun. Also: an amazing dealer hall full of stuff from Japan or inspired by Japanese culture. I’ll be helping to present the following panels at Ohayocon this weekend:

Asian Ball-Joint Dolls – Friday 6:30 pm (Harrison)200

Zombies in Steampunk – Saturday 1:00 pm (Fairfeild A-B)300

Steampunk in Gaming  – Saturday 5:00 pm (Harrison)200

Steamlolita: Where Steampunk Meets Lolita – Sunday 11:30 am (Union A-B)280

I’m also planning to attend the Lolita Crush on Saturday morning, even though it’s going to be early! I’ve never been to a crush before so I’m super excite!

Other members of the Airship Archon will also be presenting the following panels on Steampunk:

Steampunk and Men’s Fashion – Friday 1:30 am  (Fairfeild A-B)300 [I’m not sure anyone will actually be awake for this one…yikes!]

How to Mod a Squirt Gun – Saturday 10:30 pm (Delaware D)150

A New Introduction to Steampunk – Saturday at Midnight (Delaware C)150

Steampunk on a Budget – Sunday 4:30 pm (Harrison)200

I hope I’ll see you there!

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