Teslacon 3 Schedule

Teslacon 3: A Trip to the Moon is this weekend! If you want to hang out in meatspace I’m guaranteed to be at the following panels:

SteamLolita: Where Steampunk Meets Lolita

Saturday    5:00 PM    Selanite Salon

Panelists:  Ashlyn Dempsey, Sally Ike, Sarah Hans

Description:  The ladies of the Airship Archon review the essentials of the Japanese fashion called Lolita and how it can be incorporated into your Steampunk look, complete with advice on where to shop.

High Times in the Victorian Era

Saturday    6:00 PM    Vernian Hall

Panelist:  Sarah Hans

Description:  The Victorians were not the prudish upright citizens the history books would have us believe! Explore the forbidden world of Victorian drug use, from opium to cocaine to cannabis. Alas, samples and instructions will NOT be provided. 18+ age restriction

Advanced Steampunk for Fun and Profit

Sunday    11:00 AM    Selanite Salon

Panelists:  Tony Ballard-Smoot, Sally Ike, Ashlyn Dempsey, Sarah Hans

Description:  This panel is for those who have been part of the Steampunk community for some time who are looking to turn their contacts and experience into cold, hard cash. Members of the Airship Archon and friends offer advice on how to turn your specific talents into fame and fortune.

This is my first time presenting “High Times in the Victorian Era,” and I’m really excited about it! The Airship Archon will also be presenting the following panels, which I will not be presenting, but which I guarantee will be delightful:

Victorian Inebriation

Friday    9:30 PM    Vernian Hall

Panelists: Ashlyn Dempsey, Steve Lickman

Description:  What types of alcoholic beverages were popular during the Victorian Era? Which ones are still popular today? Members of the Airship Archon will discuss the history and how-to of brewing your own beer, wine, mead, ale, and more! 18+ age restriction

From Distinguished to Disaster: Dressing men for all facets of the Steampunk lifestyle

Saturday    3:30 PM    Selanite Salon

Panelists:  Tony Ballard-Smoot, Aaron Ijams, Steve Lickman

Description:  The well-dressed gentlemen of the Airship Archon will discuss clothing and accessory options for the overlooked male gender, as well as discovering your personal style and places to look for inspiration and pieces.

Prop & Costume Alchemy: making one thing look like another

Sunday    9:00 AM    Vernian Hall

Panelists:  Tony Ballard-Smoot, Betty Lickman, Sally Ike, Ashlyn Dempsey

Description:  How to transform the look of plastic/wood/glass/fabric using spray paint. How to distress fabric & leather. Ideas on using junk to make fabulous creations! Examples and a material list will be provided.

Teslacon has long been my favorite convention, so I’m certain that this year will not disappoint. I hope to see you there!

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