Context 25 Schedule

I’m super excited about Context 25! Last year I got to talk to so many industry giants in such an intimate space and such a short amount of time that it was astounding. And this year they’re letting me do panels! Hooray! Here’s my schedule:

Friday 9pm: Doing Readings: Do’s and Don’ts – with Mike Resnick (squee!), Steven Saus (yay!), and Gordon Aubrecht

Friday 10pm: Flash Fiction Contest – Judges: me, Steven Saus, Jerry Robinette, and Gary Braunbeck

Saturday 11am: The Horror Genre, Women’s POV: with Raven Bower and Lucy Snyder

Saturday 10pm: Have Horror, Will Travel – with Christopher Shearer and Daniel Robichaud

Sunday 10am: Past, Present, or Future? – with Steven Zimmer and Bill Levy

I know a lot of you are attending Ohio Comic-Con and PandoraCon, but if you’re going to be at Context I hope you’ll enter the flash fiction contest. The details for the contest can be found here. There are categories for both amateurs and professionals, and fabulous prizes, plus you’ll get to read your work in front of Gary Braunbeck, an award-winning writer, and Steven Saus, a publisher. And now that I think about it, there’s also me, an up-and-coming editor. You never know what recognition or invitations this kind of public reading could garner you, so c’mon and enter, already!

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