Steampunk Empire Symposium Schedule

That’s a lot of s-words!

I’ll be attending and presenting at the Symposium (April 27-29 in Cincinnati) as a member of the Airship Archon. The Archon panels are below. I emboldenated the panels I will be presenting with my fellow crew members.

I will not be doing a fiction reading or selling books, unfortunately, but if you have a copy of one of my anthologies you’d like me to sign or you want to talk shop I’ll be happy to oblige. Note that the Guest of Honor, Leanna Renee Hieber, and I both have stories in Candle In The Attic Window, so you can probably get both our signatures at this one event if you bring your book!


4pm –  Steampunk 101: Steampunk for Beginners (Windsor East)

11pm – Steampunk Vs. NeoVictorian (Windsor East)


11am – Steampunk 210: Intermediate Steampunk (Windsor East)

2pm – From Disaster to Dashing: Dressing for Men (Windsor East)

4pm – Lolita Punk: Steampunk Lolita (Windsor East)


11am – Steampunk 320: Steampunk for Fun and Profit (Stratford Theater)

You can find the rest of the schedule here (pdf). I’m really excited about the panels and games! Not to mention getting to see some of my friends I only see two or three times a year at conventions. I hope I’ll see you there!

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