Millennicon Schedule

Millennicon is a small science fiction convention in Cincinnati the weekend of March 16-18. I’ll be attending both as an author and as a member of the Airship Archon. My panels will include:

Friday 8:00pm Race and Gender in the Steampunk Community (in Harrison)

Sunday 11:00am How to Survive the Zompocalypse (in Taft)

I’ll also be reading my fiction at 6pm on Saturday evening (with Steve Saus) in MR 1216. I’ll be reading entirely new, never-before-heard fiction, so don’t miss it.

I’ve also been scheduled for an autograph session Saturday morning at 10am in the hotel lobby, which should be hilarious. Come to laugh at me, or have me sign your pet rock. I’ll be desperate.

On Saturday night I’ll probably be attending the Hellblinki/Ford Theatre Reunion/Marmalade Brigade show, because it is organized by the lovely people at Pandora Promotions, who are dear friends of the Archon.

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