TeslaCon schedule

So here’s a little window into what I’ll be up to next weekend. First, these are the presentations/events either I or the Airship Archon will be hosting at TeslaCon:


1-2:30pm – Lolita Tea Time (hotel restaurant)

4-5:30pm – Steampunk 101 with the Airship Archon (Tesla)

5:30-7pm – Steampunk vs. NeoVictorian with the Airship Archon (Atlantis)


10-11:30am – From Distinguished to Disaster: Dressing men for all facets of the Steampunk lifestyle with the Airship Archon (Leviathan)

11:30-1pm – Steampunk 210 with the Airship Archon (Nemo)

1-2:30pm – Steampunk Embroidery (Tesla)

10-11:30pm – Steampunk Story Time with Sarah Hans and Austin Sirkin (Tesla)


10-11:30am – Steampunk 320 with the Airship Archon (Leviathan)

11:30-1pm – Steampunk: More than just guns and costuming with the Airship Archon (Main Ballroom A)

Here are the items I’m planning to attend:


5:30-7pm – Steampunk Publishing 101 with Liz Gorinsky of TOR books (Leviathan)

9:00pm – Film Screening: Les Aventures Extraordinaires d’ Adéle Blanc Sec (Main Ballroom)

After the film: The IAPS Temperance Binge and Sewing Circle


2:30-4pm – Grooming for the Steampunk Lady with the ladies of IAPS (Nemo)

8-10pm  – The Official TeslaCon Ball

After the fiction reading – IAPS Evening of Ribaldry and Recollection

There are, unfortunately, several Airship Archon events that conflict with my events, so check your schedule for those if you’re interested in beer/wine-making or multiculturalism in steampunk (this one’s kind of close to my heart so I’m upset that my embroidery panel was scheduled at a conflicting time, but…that’s life).

I’m hoping to make time to attend readings by the literary guests, George Mann and Gail Carriger, and also make time for some steampunk performances by Eli August and Veronique Chevalier, but there are multiple performance times so hopefully I can work something into my schedule. I’m really looking forward to this, my most favorite convention!

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